24 Sauces For Your Buffalo Wings & Ribs

Buffalo Wings SXM is more than just slamming Frank’s RedHot® sauce onto some chicken wings. Good wings are all about the sauce! And we know that better than anyone. (Don’t get us wrong! We are a huge fan of Frank’s sauce, let there be no misunderstanding.)

We have created a pallet of twentyfour, yes 24, homemade sauces to accompany your chicken wings.

Whether you like fruity sauces, cheesy, love BBQ or hickory smoke flavors, or flaming hot spicy sauces, Buffalo Wings SXM has a sauce to suit any kind of mood you’re in, any type of craving you may have and for all kinds of people.

  1. blue cheese
  2. garlic parsley
  3. garlic spicy
  4. ranch
  5. sweet corn
  6. sweet sour
  7. sweet chilli
  8. honey mustard
  9. baconator
  10. BBQ
  11. BBQ honey mustard
  12. BBQ rum
  13. BBQ spicy
  14. jerk
  15. buffalo mild
  16. buffalo medium
  17. buffalo hot
  18. asian jalapeno
  19. fire blood (Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
  20. peanut
  21. teriyaki
  22. jack daniels
  23. passion fruit
  24. mango habanero
  25. currywurst

Oops… What happened? Did we miscount our own sauces? No it’s really simple: you always receive the blue cheese sauce. So there are 25 sauces in total but 24 additional flavors.

Did you know that we have bottled some of our most popular sauces in 8 oz bottles? For sale in the store so you can enjoy your favorite flavor at home too.